Smart Garage Ventilation Solution

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JetVent® Control Center

The JetVent Control Center offers a complete, standalone garage ventilation management control system that generates significant energy-savings versus traditional, ducted systems, and impulse ventilation systems.

The pre-configured Digital JetVent Control Center responds to varying levels of pollutants, as reported by the sensors, and varies the operating speed of the fan(s), and therefore the ventilation rate, by zone.

This controller can also vary the speed of supply and exhaust fans and integrate their operation with overall ventilation requirements based on pre-configured environmental conditions.

Integrated Smoke Detection

The option of a factory-installed, fully integrated smoke detector allows the JetVent Control Center, or the building automation system, to monitor for smoke and respond accordingly.

Technical Details



(JetVent EC-Low Profile)

High Speed: 46.8 N

Recommended Speed: 18.9 N

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(JetVent EC-Standard Profile)

High Speed: 52.2 N

Recommended Speed: 28.4 N

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(JetVent EC-High Profile)

High Speed: 98.0 N

Recommended Speed: 49.0 N

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JetVent Dimensions

Technical Data

JetVent Technical Data

Electrical Supply: 380V–480V, 3-Ph, 50/60Hz

* Measured 8m from multiple fans operating; at Advised Speed, fan operates at or below the recommended sound level of 65dB(A) @ 8m

**Measured 3m from fan with multiple fans operating

✝ Estimated power consumption